Why do I need an upgraded audio system?

Because why not? But seriously, a standard audio system is built to be cheap. Radios are low power, speakers are paper, and amplifiers or subwoofers are nonexistent. An upgraded audio system can bring loads of enjoyment to your next road trip or commute. From multimedia units to subwoofers that will rattle your teeth, we have all the products to give your ride the audio tune up it needs. Below are just some of the brands we carry.

Cicada Audio

Cicada Audio may be a new name but the brains behind the company is not! Larry Fredrick has been a staple in the audio industry for DECADES! These speakers and amplifiers will transform your riding experience.

Every journey needs a soundtrack

Whether you are hitting the open road or just smoothing your commute, Sony’s innovative audio systems make it easy and convenient to control your music on the go.

Digital Design

It is the goal of DD Audio to create the finest audio products possible, dedicated to the ultimate performance of the product no matter the lengths required of the design or manufacturing process.

The Brand Professionals Use!

Exclusive Automotive, Motorcycle and Marine Audio products designer in the USA by leading in-house audio engineers for every level of audiophile, enthusiasts or general music lover

Audio Dynamics

Audio Dynamics speakers and amplifiers are hand assembled, incorporating cutting-edge technology and utilizing superior state-of-the-art components built to exact tolerances and specifications.