Products for all your vehicle needs.

No matter the vehicle, no matter that need, we have you covered. With a large selection of audio and video products, we can get any vehicle tuned to perfection. Or, with our multiple remote start packages and renowned installation experience can get you through any season. Or, maybe you just need a few accessories to finish of the exterior looks of your vehicle. We have that too. Below are some of are more popular products.


A standard audio system is built to be cheap. Radios are low power, speakers are paper, and amplifiers or subwoofers are nonexistent. An upgraded audio system can bring loads of enjoyment to your next road trip or commute. From CD/DVD players and coaxial speakers to subwoofers that will rattle your teeth, we have all the products to give your ride the audio tune up it needs.

Remote Start

Don’t let winter make your commute miserable. Add the convenience of a remote start and hop into a warm vehicle every time. We offer a lifetime workmanship warranty and the most experienced team in western South Dakota with over 26 years experience.

Rear Seat Entertainment

Rear seat entertainment systems have simplified the way we travel. Flip-down monitors, head-rest monitors and mobile video systems that can be installed quicker and easier than ever before. With multiple options and wireless headphones for any system, they are sure to quiet even the rowdiest car full. Come in and see what your next road trip is missing.